Basic Management – Problem Analyzing & Solving – Vietnamese

At the beginning, it is essential to provide the high-potential talents in your Vietnamese enterprise with a solid, accurate, and basic understanding of the concept and practice of management. This relates to whether that person and the team they shall lead in the future can achieve high performance, reduce setbacks, as well as help the company move forward.

Through this series of courses, it is possible for Vietnamese managers with just a rudimentary entrepreneurial knowledge to master the basic management elements, use the main tools of the management work, and lead the team to produce high performance. This is an indispensable course for training Vietnamese professional managers.

Course Title

Basic Management – Problem Analyzing & Solving –  Vietnamese

Course Type

Vietnam Business Management

The course is suitable for (taught in Vietnamese):

  • Junior manager or head of an assistant manager
  • Potential talents who are ready for managerial tasks
  • People who want to understand the basic management elements

Course outline, training for 4 hours

  1. Identify problem types
  2. Recognize problem analysis in three ways
  3. Strategies to solve problems
  4. Strategies for selecting countermeasures
  5. Risk assessment and filing
  6. Execution and tracking

Course features

  • We invite teachers from Vietnam who have more than 10 years’ experience in business management
  • The curriculum design focuses on the operational structure of the enterprise and the basic concepts, and establishes the manager’s basic management capabilities.

Course language

  • Course in Vietnamese

Date and place

  • The location is the factory’s (company’s) internal meeting room or in education and training hall
  • The time is arranged both by the company (factory) and by UP Learning Center

Course fees

  • Call (Does not include VAT and long-distance travel costs)

Other remarks

  • Number of participants must be within 25

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This course is located in the middle level of UP Learning Center’s “Leadership and Management Learning Roadmap.”

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