Supervisor- Basic Production Management Skill UP ! First level – Vietnamese Training Course

Many enterprises from different countries invest in Vietnamese factories and the problems that arise on manufacturing sites are numerous and complex. In addition to that, there is the problem of cross-cultural issues and language barriers, therefore if your team is not led by an experienced supervisor fluent in Vietnamese, you are bound to have difficulties in operating your factory in Vietnam. This course aims to effectively improve the practical on-site management capabilities of local primary supervisors, understand the actual production operations and production team members, but also to effectively cope with production management issues, and to establish team capabilities in order to improve production performance as a whole.

@ Japanese Introduction.

@ Vietnamese Introduction.

@ Chinese Introduction.

Course Title

  • Supervisor- Basic Production Management Skill UP ! First level – Vietnamese Training Course.

Course Category

  • Production Management

The course is suitable for the following figures (taught in Vietnamese)

  • Professional figures promoted to supervisor for less than two years
  • Professional figures with the potential to be promoted to section manager
  • Management cadres, who have not received formal training, in a production line of about 20 to 60 people.

Course outline, training for two full days

First day training (7 hours)

  • Basic principles of management
  • Working methods and four-step improvement measures (including teaching demonstration and drill practice)
  • Four-step work instructions (including teaching demonstration and drill practice)
  • Feedback, discussion and test
  • After class homework
  • An interval of three or more days is required before beginning the second learning day

Second day of training (7 hours)

  • Challenges and difficulties in on-site performance communication
  • On-site performance communication in three steps (including teaching demonstration and drill practice)
  • Employee Relations
  • Five tips to strengthen employee relations
  • Feedback, discussion and test
  • After class homework

Course features

  • We have invited an instructor (teacher) from Vietnam who has more than 10 years’ practical experience in factories to teach directly in Vietnamese in order to ensure that the teaching quality is accurate.
  • The course is designed in Vietnamese and includes two major challenges for primary supervisors, job management (Work) and team management (People). List the most frequently encountered conditions and problems in the day-to-day management of class leaders. Also, practical solutions are provided.
  • Through theoretical explanations, situational guidance, practice drills, quizzes, and after-class assignments we shall ensure learning effectiveness. Students’ study manuals, in addition to being used during classroom discussion, can be brought back into trainees’ daily work to check and verify their practical application and enhance their learning effectiveness.
  • Once this training course is completed and passed, the trainee can obtain UP Learning’s learning records.
  • Preceding course for Supervisor- Basic Production Management Skill UP ! Second level – Vietnamese Training Course.
Part of Students’ study handbook
Our learning certificate
Quiz and the detailed feedback from our teacher
Overall feedback and suggestion for further learning development (English, Vietnamese or Chinese)

Course language

  • Vietnamese

Course Date and Place

  • The course will be held in the factory’s internal meeting room or in the education and training hall
  • The time of the course is arranged in agreement by the company (factory) and UP Learning

Course fees

  • VND 36,500,000 (not including VAT and long-distance transportation fees)

Other remarks

  • The course is a two-day course; it includes one learning manual per student
  • The number of participants must be within 25
  • If there are not enough students, it is recommended to cooperate with other factories.

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